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Certified Temperament Coach

Certified Temperament Coach

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For individuals already established as coaches, clinicians, or practitioners, obtaining certification as a temperament coach holds the potential to enhance client retention, generate referrals, and boost sales and revenue. This is particularly evident during the utilization of the APS Assessment, acknowledged as the most potent temperament assessment ever crafted.

Upon completing the Edifys Institute Certified Temperament Coach certification, you will gain unrestricted access, empowering you to forge deeper connections with your clients. This certification equips you to guide clients in identifying their innate temperament type, enabling them to recognize their fundamental needs for Inclusion (socialization), Control (decision-making), and Affection (love and affection). As a certified temperament coach, you'll be recognized as a "soul coach," adept at helping clients pinpoint emotional triggers such as anxiety, stress, anger, and low self-esteem.

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