7 Signs Your Relationship is Healthy

December 15, 2018
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Want To Live Longer and Stay Healthy..Take This!

December 1, 2018
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How to Know If Someone You Love Is Depressed?… Signs We Must Pay Attention Too

October 17, 2018
What is depression? Here in the United States, depression affects one in five Americans, making it the most common medical problem in America. Depression affects young people, right up to...

The ABC’s of Anxiety & Natural Ways To Eliminate It!

October 12, 2018
For quite some time, panic attacks caused by anxiety were dismissed as a psychosomatic phenomenon. However, studies have shown that this disorder has a real, physical basis. Experts in the...

Top 5 Vitamins Essential for Eliminating Anxiety

August 14, 2018
The number of people across the globe that are battling anxiety and panic attacks is staggering. We at Edify Counseling promote and support the recommended daily allowances for vitamins that...

The Phlegmatic – The Most Stable Temperament

August 10, 2018
The Phlegmatic Temperament in Inclusion indicates the temperament needs for social interaction, surface relationships and intellectual energies. Hippocrates linked the Phlegmatic temperament with phlegm, a body fluid that is thick,...

The Sanguine Temperament – Highly Extroverted

August 4, 2018
The Sanguine in Inclusion is a social extrovert who likes to be with people. They are the type of people who have their shoes at the door and are ready...

Is the Melancholy (Introverts) Smarter?

August 4, 2018
There are 5 Pure Temperament Types – The Melancholy, The Choleric, The Sanguine, The Phlegmatic, and The Supine. Lets check the Melancholy! Melancholy   The Melancholy is plagued all of...

Is your anxiety directly linked to your personal debt?

July 16, 2018
Consumer debt just reached an all-time high of $3.9 TRILLION. That includes $1 trillion in credit card debt; $1.1 trillion in student loans and $1.5 trillion in auto loans. Not...

Best Selling Book of 2018 – Congrats!

December 1, 2018
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Essential Oils and Diffuser Set $26.95

November 25, 2018
Not using essential oils? Here’s a few reason why you should.. Inspire a positive emotional state Enhance your physical wellness Enhance spiritual awareness Purify your home   Best features all-in-one:...

Want Better Grades for Your Kids? Feed Em’ This

August 19, 2018
Let’s just pretend we are not aware of the countless research and studies done that conclude that brain functions and overall mental health is greatly affected by the foods we...

10 Things Parents Google the Most

August 17, 2018
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